Lot's A Pizza
  • About: In 1980, Mr. Eduardo Ngan Tian then the Vice-President and General Manager of Virra Realty Development Corporation opened R & W Foods at Virra Mall, Greenhills in San Juan, Manila selling snack items like peanuts, ice cream, banana cue, candies, cigarettes etc. When he resigned in 1986, he saw a beautiful spot in San Beda College in Mendiola where he could expand his food business. Out of his meager savings and borrowed capital he constructed ten (10) food stalls and occupied five (5) stalls for his R & W Foods and leased out the rest. Mr. Ngan Tian also served lunch to students and hit the idea of putting up a pizza parlor and named it LOTS’A PIZZA™. At the same time pizza was outpacing hamburger worldwide. It was to be the first LOTS’A PIZZA™ outlet. The place was becoming a winner especially the pizza business. Mrs. Ngan Tian grabbed the opportunity and flew to the United Stated to take up pizza technology course at the prestigious American Institute of Baking in Kansas City. There the unique parbaked crust and signature sauce of LOTS’A PIZZA™ was created. To keep abreast with the latest in pizza both Ed and Tess regularly attended the annual Pizza expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. All the efforts put in by Mr. and Mrs. Ngan Tian has come to fruition in the pizza empire they manage today. They have successfully achieved their goal of developing the “Filipino Pizza” that caters especially to both Filipino palate and pocket. Realizing how this formula could help other budding entrepreneurs earn their slice of success, Mr. and Mrs. Ngan Tian began franchising in 2000. To date, LOTS’A PIZZA™ has a network of 154 outlets. The company presently operate three commissaries to service its ever-growing operational needs in Luzon. LOTS’A PIZZA™ has been a consistent Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise Awardee from 2006-2010 until it received its Hall of Fame Award in 2011. The company is a proud member of PCCI, AFFI, ECCP, ICSB, Philippine Marketing Association and Go Negosyo. LOTS’A PIZZA™ remains committed to providing Filipinos with the best affordable pizza without compromising the quality Pizza prepared by people who love and know pizzas.

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