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BRYDGE Philippines Inc. Study, Earn & Live in Japan Program

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BRYDGE stands for Better Road for Youth Development and Gainful Employment.
We work towards bridging the gap between training and gainful employment.

The Study, Earn and Live in Japan Program is a 2-year program that focuses on studying the Nihongo language in Japan while having the privilege to earn money at the same time.

BRYDGE has partnered with Kairin Juku Japanese Language School, an accredited school in Ashikaga, Japan to offer this program.

When you are a foreign student in Japan, you are allowed by the Japanese government to train professionally in companies, part-time for 28 hours a week. Therefore, earn in the process. The earnings you get can help pay for your daily expenses and have some savings for the next semesters of the class.

The "live in Japan" component is when you want to stay longer in Japan and start a career there and eventually be a resident in Japan. This is possible because if you reach the highest Nihongo (Japanese language) proficiency which is N1 level, you can be offered a job right there in Japan and the hiring company can change your visa from a student visa to a working visa.

Contact Details

Company Name: BRYDGE Philippines Inc.
Contact Person: John Marlon Lazaga
Contact Number: 09272426248
Location: Makati City
Email Address: [email protected]
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