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Solar PV Rooftops for C&I Businesses

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WEnergy Global Pte Ltd is an international company developing renewable energy and hybrid power projects in Southeast Asia. We design, build, own and operate renewable energy power plants, solar PV rooftop systems and micro-grids for off-grid communities, including energy storage for 24/7 operations, which generate strong investment returns for our clients,
communities, customers and partners.

Our advanced systems produced tangible environmental benefits, mainly focused on reduced carbon emissions, financial savings, and system resiliency and sustainability, thus supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In facing the impacts of the current COVID19 pandemic, which created a high-risk environment, renewable energy provides a more reliable
and affordable energy source for continuation of your business operations. See how solarisation works step-by-step in 6 steps and services.
Our international and local in-house team is largely specialised in the solarisation of Commercial and Industrial (C&I) businesses and institutions, through our experiences with various C&I sectors, solar designs, and project sizes. We provide system “concept-to-commissioning” services, as well as management and maintenance of your solar PV rooftop
station, including project delivery within 6 months, procurement of tier-1 quality system components, on-site staff training, real-time performance monitoring platform, performance reporting, preventive and corrective maintenance.

Contact Details

Company Name: WEnergy Global
Contact Person: Jose Antonio Gozun
Contact Number: 09178511305
Location: Philippines
Email Address: [email protected]
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