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One World Filter Starter Set

₱ 2500.00

Globally, over 50%, and in developing countries 80%, of all illnesses are the result of waterborne diseases. Over 3.4 million people die every year from unsafe drinking water, majority of which are children under five (5) years old.
We would like to introduce to you the One World Filter™ (OWF) System, a breakthrough water filtration system that produces the safest and most affordable drinking water. This consists of an OWF Gravity Flow 16 Liter (OWF GF-16L) Dispenser and an OWF Filter Pack. It is being brought to the Philippine market by the Country Group Distributor, AiFEN True Water Inc. The OWF System will be available in the Philippines this coming November 2021.
The OWF System meets the international standards of the NSF International (formerly known as the National Sanitation Foundation). It surpasses the drinking water standards set by the US Environmental Protection Agency.
The filters are manufactured by the Koslow Technology Corporation (KTC) in Connecticut, USA owned by its inventor Dr. Evan Koslow. Dr. Koslow spent years developing the System with the goal of producing the cleanest drinking water from tap, rivers, wells, rains, etc. with the most simplified technology requiring no electricity or power.
For more details about the One World Filter™ System, check out our website at www.oneworldfilter.ph.

Contact Details

Company Name: AiFEN True Water Inc.
Contact Person: Aurelio San Agustin
Contact Number: 09177025952
Location: Makati City, Metro Manila
Email Address: [email protected]
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