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DoTerra Essential Oils by My Oilmates PH

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Build an essential oil sales team and help our Filipino farmers importing the coconut oil (Fractioned Oil) to USA flourish! Hi! Go NATURAL on strenghtening our immunity system thru the PURE ESSENTIAL OILS of DoTerra!

Be a Wellness Advocate or a Wholesale Customer of DoTERRA ESSENTIAL OILS! Experience the life changing benefits to better health, better financial independence and in so doing, achieve a better quality of time to yourself and to your family.

There's a higher income opportunity to be on top of the network and grab one of the few select FOUNDER posts in PH and enjoy extra INCENTIVES & PRIVILEGES thru royalty fees.

Our mentor is directly from Utah, USA, the place of production of this $2B+ global integrative wellness co. There are also household products made fr pure oils aside from AROMATHERAPY, topical & internal use. Choose fr 170+ oil variants.

PH is one of the suppliers thus we can be in support too to our Filipino farmers as well.

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Myra Miranda, CPM
@myoilmatesph ( FB)
0999 990 8434/ 0917 551 8567

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Company Name: Got It All Marketing
Contact Person: Myraflor Miranda
Contact Number: 0917 551 8567/ 0999 990 8434
Location: Las Pinas City
Email Address: [email protected]
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