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Artistic Face Masks

₱ 250.00

MasCaras Artistic Handwoven Face Cover Hand Embroidered Non-Medical Face Masks
OPEN for BULK ORDERS, choose your designs

#SupportLokal #WomenEmpowerment #SocialEnterprise

1. CARA = Faces
2. PAPILLON = Butterflies
3. FLORES = Flowers

These artistic face covers are made from handwoven fabric from Buhi and carefully made by a group of housewives who are trained on hand embroidering the masks with colorful faces (Caras), flowers (Flores) and butterflies (Papillon)!

Each face cover is unique! We do not produce fixed specific designs. What we have are artistic categories like faces, butterflies and flowers, and also letters

Rest Assured, we will try our best to give the most beautiful ones available!

#MasCaras #UniqueDesigns

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Company Name: BigBlue Trading
Contact Person: Sean Darilay
Contact Number: 09171267809
Location: Taguig
Email Address: [email protected]
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